Our approach to your project is built around gaining an understanding of you and your audience. Every project we produce is a one-of-a-kind event. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach and it shows in the diversity of our projects, the praise of our customers and the awards we’ve earned.

Yes, it’s creativity…but not unbridled creative anarchy. We have a system for getting your story out of you and into the camera or onto the web. It takes both of us working together to get the project done right, ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Managing the production timeline is critical.

  • We’ll start with the end in mind. What do you want your audience to do, or to feel or to believe? The next step is where to begin? Does your audience already know you or must we start from scratch?
  • Finally, what to leave out? One of the biggest mistakes in this business is answering questions that your viewers aren’t even asking! We don’t want to leave your viewers with an unquenched curiosity. You must leave them wanting more!

Unobtrusive intimacy. People being themselves are always more believable than people reading scripts or dialogue. You want your employees – your customers – your church members to come across as real people with real talent, praise, brokenness or joy. We know how to get those feelings on tape without getting in anyone’s face.

Most importantly (and we mean this in the nicest possible way) we will not simply take your directions blindly. Our reputation rides on the project as much as your success! Only an amateur production company would come shoot, design, or produce your project without becoming intimately involved in the conceptual phase.

We would love to sit down and talk with you. Contact us today and tell us your story.


At WVRC Video, we are experts in telling stories, and moving people to action…on TV or the Internet.


If you need to generate excitement at (or before ) your next big event, we can deliver the results you need.


A 3 to 5 minute image film can explain everything a viewer needs to know about your organization or business.